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Why Join Affiliate?

Affiliation is a partnership that brings benefits for both the merchant (the entity that creates the affiliation program) and the affiliate (Webmaster). The merchant is a company that sells one or more products and that proposes Webmasters to promote its products and gain a commission in exchange of their services.

Each merchant will propose a specific affiliation program that also contains detailed payment methods. The Webmaster that subscribes to this program becomes thus an affiliate. The affiliate marketers will have at their disposal elements of either visual or textual nature (text links, search boxes, banner links, product links, etc.), as well as, from time to time, product catalogs and feeds that can be installed on their sites.

The interest of a merchant is, according to the affiliation principle, to obtain an as widespread as possible network of affiliate Webmasters in order to get high-quality visibility and thus being able to sell its products. Affiliation is beneficial for both merchant and affiliate marketer.

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