Facebook Advertising Campaign (30 Days)

$900.00 every 2 weeks

Facebook ad campaigns managed by a trained specialist


Select this option to have our trained Facebook ads specialist launch and run ads for your business with optimizations and data tracking for improved results over time. We will manage your spending wisely and take measures to ensure that you become profitable from your investments as soon as possible. We use the pixel tracking script for re-targeting and will monitor the events recorded by this so that you get cheaper clicks and higher converting campaigns.

Facebook advertising is complicated and expensive if done by someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to do it the right way. Don’t make the costly mistake of thinking you can do it yourself without having a dedicated manager that will help you narrow down your target audience and figure out exactly who will be most likely to buy from you.

Additional information

$600 advertising budget

You will pay $600 in advertising spend and $300 in management fees. This breaks down to $30 per day.