July 10, 2017

Terms of use

Terms of Service for
ContentKore Membership Plans

When you subscribe to our services, you’re entering into an agreement with us to charge your preferred payment method via PayPal immediately upon placing your order, and again in 30 days if you do not cancel the plan before your next billing date.

Your PayPal will continue to be charged automatically every month on the same date until canceled and we will continue to provide services to you for as long as you maintain the agreement.

Want want to make it very clear that you are not signing a contract or making any long term commitments by becoming a member of ContentKore.

Our business is designed with maximum flexibility in mind. You can opt out of our subscription plan at anytime by cancelling it in the billing agreements section of your PayPal account, and we may contact you about making changes to your plan at any time based on various factors such as to provide discounts or, expand upon the services that you’re getting, sometimes we will renegotiate with you for an entirely different set of services that will have a different price associated to it.

In this case your current agreement will be canceled and replaced by the updated subscription with the terms that we agreed on.

Your membership is a service agreement between you (the client) and us (the marketing division of an incorporated business operated in USA). You receive the services that are promised on the homepage so long as you maintain an active subscription every month and communicate with us when we request information from you such as to provide topics for articles (if you have not specified that we choose them for you) your website address, social media profiles (depending on the plan you selected) and the objectives of your email newsletter messages (if we have not set them for you).

You are also required to send us an invitation to read/analyze your google analytics web property if it is installed on your website so that we can measure the results of our marketing efforts. If we do not receive this from you, you will be assigned a goo.gl tracking link which is not accurate nor extensive in the data that it reports. We are not responsible for any lost traffic that is caused by this. It is your responsibility to communicate and cooperate with us on any and all matters regarding your subscription plan.

However, If you do need to use a different tracking system than Google Analytics, you can contact us for an accommodation and we will work with the system that best serves your needs.

Your service agreement with ContentKore enters you into a partnership with a marketing agency, therefore there will be times when we require information from you to proceed with our plans, strategies and investments that are going to be implemented for your account.

Everything that we do for you requires time and money to deliver.

If you failure to provide the information we need from you in a timely manner we will send you a warning email stating that your attention is required.

If you ignore this message, our next email will be informing you that your agreement with us has been cancelled due to a failure to communicate.

We have many clients to work with, ignoring our messages creates bottlenecks for your business and ours. Don’t be irresponsible with your commitment to the growth of your business.

Make sure to cooperate with us on any and all matters regarding your subscription plan.

Due to the nature of this business we can not issue a refund unless you contact us before we have delivered any type of services to you. If you attempt to request a refund after services have been delivered your request will be denied due to an inability for us to issue it to you.

We use your funding to deliver the services that are provided to you, therefore it will be too late to receive any of it back if you contact us after work has been completed for your business.

if you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms do not hesitate to contact us. Your experience is very important to us.

Updated: June 13, 2017