The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

Most marketers apply the wrong marketing strategies and end up chasing their prospects away. Recent research by IBM and Econsultancy has shown that out of every three customers out there, only one is convinced that they are understood by their favorite brands.

This is a serious issue, but it can be tackled and you can get closer to your customers than ever before. How? The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence (EI).

What is EI?

Simply put, EI is the ability of someone to interpret impulses, moods and behaviors, and channel them into achieving a result in a situation. With EI, you can accurately target your customers in the right place and at the right time. Also, you will be able to draw closer to them and know them better.

It is important that you find out what state of emotion your customers are at the time they search for your product. This will enable you establish a meaningful relationship with them. In order to get this done, put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and think of their experience with your product before getting in touch with you.

Ask yourself certain questions like:

What triggered my customer to begin searching for me?
There must be an emotional factor that pushed my customer into searching for my product, what is it?
What kind of happiness will my customer get when using my product?
Will my product solve the problems of my customer? If yes, how?
These are some of the questions you need to answer in order to know what they want and get closer to them. If you gather facts about your buyer by answering those questions above, then you can build out your buyer persona. One important thing to tackle when creating your buyer persona is understanding the emotional triggers of your customer.

Using EI to Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You need to become more intelligent about the emotions of your buyer, as it will help you in so many ways. How will knowing the emotional triggers of my customers help me? EI helps you in the following ways:

Generate traffic for your website
You need to make use of information about emotions that drive your customers and strategically table your brand before them, and at the right time.

You need to integrate your customer’s emotions into your content so as to enable search engines list your content whenever a search related to your content is carried out.

Anytime you are creating a post or sales copy, put into consideration these factors:

What will make my visitor click further?
What will push my visitor to share my content?
What will trigger my visitor into clicking th ‘buy’ button or take action from my content?
Also, you need to have in mind the type of content that will trigger emotional response from your visitor. For example, you will get more conversion from an article with a picture as opposed to a plain article without any picture. Contents with pictures and other visuals are highly influential when it comes to conversions, so you should know what content to use.

Increase Conversions – Make Your Content More Relatable
After you have captured the emotions of your buyers, it will be very easy to compel them to buy. How? The answer is simple- using psychology.

Psychology harnesses the power of EI to tap into the innermost thoughts of your buyer. Think of a way to add value, enhance and improve the lives of your customers by sharing valuable contents. Don’t just start posting your product links for them to buy, let them get to know you first by sharing informative stories and contents. Also, you should strike a balance between the frequency of communicating with your customers, because contacting them too little might make them forget you, and contacting them frequently might make them pissed off with you.

Also, measure your campaign success, and try and see the content that triggers them the most. This will ensure that you become more smarter in relating to your buyers.

In order to know your customers fully, you need to have an inept understanding of the emotional trigger that pushes them to take action and purchase your products or services.

In conclusion, when you get emotionally connected with your customers, you will be driving more traffic to your website which of course will lead to more sales and conversions, and makes your marketing much more effective and stronger.

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